Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Giant step in the development of Danish Poster Art

Who's in the driver's seat in Denmark? The priests, of course. Who else? You thought the Imams? No way. Or God perhaps? A special concept of democracy? Or just keeping up with the Americans?

And the flag is blue. With yellow stars. The places of worship are white. And they were built a long time ago. Who could be more innocent?

The talents of artistic expression are limitless. There is a concept for it. Danish design? No.

It is called Danish poster art.
What happened to the cows? Are they being milked? Or are they producing new posters? Nobody can tell. That's one of the secrets of organic farming!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Racists want Racism Clause Abolished

Who makes the decisions in Denmark? The poster asks. What a silly question. You just read, on, and you'll get the answer.

Politics is the art of the ludicrous. Imagine a town hall with demonstrators before it, not understanding that they are demonstrating in front of a place of non-decision!
Anyway, that is what the Danish People's Party (PPP) seems to presume, when it comes to where the seat of power is. When it comes to actually deciding things, the people's own parliament is arguably a place of power. Who can understand this contradiction?

On the party's website there's a demand for the abolition of the ban in the penal law against racist utterances. Here is at least one law that is not passed in Brussels, but in the Danish parliament!
The spokesperson for the party, Mr. Soeren Espersen, has a charming way of putting it. It's a "demand to the government".
Who in Danish society, apart from the Queen, is so almighty that they can make such a request?

You guessed right: The Danish People's Party, and its chairwoman Pia Kjaersgaard. They call the shots. No Dane has any doubts about it. The party also wants the blasphemy clause done away with. This is more surprising, as the clause has seldom been used in Danish court rooms. But, as Mr Espersen puts it: It's a problem if you cannot make criticism of religion.

What about a civil discussion of the issues? Mr Espersen cannot distinguish between civil conversation and criticism!

No way, that is not DPP. When they criticise religion they really mean criticise religion. And it is not a laughing matter. You have the right to call muslims anything you want. If you had said to Jews some of the things DPP say about muslims, you would have been dragged in front of the UN and European Human rights councils and courts.
Some of the DPP people, for instance the representative in the European Parliament, Morten Messerschmidt, have got racism verdicts for statements about minorities. That has not been a hindrance for the Danish VK-government in its parliamentary affection for the party as a close and trusted ally. A position that has made Pia Kjaersgaard the most powerful woman in Denmark. Some people even mean she is the most powerful politician of all. When she looks inquisitive or when she raises her voice, the PM, Mr. Loekke Rasmussen is trembling. Good bye chauffeur driven limousine. Good bye all the perks of the premiership.
So now all Danish are expectant: Will the anti-racism and blasphemy rules disappear from Danish law.
The party with no longer accept "democratic debate being stepped upon", as Mr Espersen puts it. He doesn't go into any detail about other things in Denmark that get the feel of the big boot - and that can be understood in more than one sense!

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gender Separation in Danish old age homes?

The Danish People's party, the extreme right xenophobic party, has found a new worthy case for its hate speech against muslims in Denmark.

On its website it claims that The Municipal Council in Copenhagen is working to make old age nursery homes where men and women are separated. This has turned out to be a big lie. The issue was discussed a couple of years ago, but no initiatives were taken. Now the Danish Peoples Party member of the council Finn Rudaitzky claims that the council is working to promote this issue again.
There seems to be no shame in the DPP when it propagates "Danish culture" and "Danish values". It is even more shameful that the website brings the picture above to validate the story. It is not a picture of Danish muslim women, but of muslim women in Germany. The photo can be found on many German websites.
The national chauvinistic Danish fundamentalists are fabricating stories to propagate its hate speech against minorities in Denmark.

Some weeks ago the DPP member of the Danish parliament Jesper Langballe said on TV that "muslim men rape and kill their daughters and nieces". This was meant as a general characterization and not as a statement about some men. The DPP leader Pia Kjaersgaard expressed mild disagreement about this statement. She did not distance herself from it or exclude Langballe from the party for racist statements.

The DPP is part of the parliamentary basis of the Danish government. It is practically part of the governing coalition of Denmark. It is a sorry state of affairs that the country's government is dependent on racists to get a majority behind its legislation. Some years ago the finance minister in the government, who is from the liberal party Venstre, said in a newspaper interview that he shared DPP's values in the area of identity politics. - Even though these values are against the European charter of human rigthts and the EU charter. It's important to keep government positions apparently.


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New Giant Step for Danish Poster Art - a small step for mankind

In our series on Danish poster art we got to this wonderful specimen. A protest from the Danish People's Party (DPP) against the Copenhagen City Council voting to permit the building of a mosque in Copenhagen. The DPP employs its usual and well-known charm in putting this delicate matter.

There is no doubting the intent, however. Nor is there any doubting the intent of Danish muslims. Have you noticed the two swords at the top of the postmodern building. What do they signify? Cosmic Duck promises a prize to anyone with the correct answer. Post a comment with the answer. It doesn't hurt!