Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is DF who Crossed a Line, not Jørgen Poulsen

It is typical of the debate in Denmark that Jørgen Poulsen's likening of the DF poster campaign against the Danish muslims to the Ewige Jude campaign in Germany in 1937 has created such an uproar. Politicians from the governing liberal party have condemned what he said.

Why did they do that? These politicians evidently have a problem. They cooperate with a party with such leanings. The DF leader is the second most powerful politician in Denmark! They dare not speak against her.

Jørgen Poulsen made his remarks at the national convention of New Alliance, the smallest center party in the Danish Parliament. This party has been a critic of the Danish People's Party, and what they stand for. But in this case the leader of the party Naser Khader has said that Mr. Poulsen has gone too far. He would not put it that way himself.

Actually, when you look at the pictures and the surroundings in which the muslim symbols are set, there's a lot of similarity to what the German nazis did with the "Eternal Jew". He was associated with money, Rothschild, finance capitalism, maltreatment of animals, etc. Very few muslims in Denmark would be able to recognize what they stand for in DF's images of them. They are in favour of the Danish rule of law, not Allah's. However, the effect of the campaign might be that they turn away from Danish values. You can see a lot of young muslims doing that. The DF is inciting to ethnic hatred in Danish society. Wasn't that what the nazis did in Germany against the Jews?

In these posters, the muslims in Denmark are associated with submission of women, sharia legislation, dictatorship, curbs on freedom of speech and other principles cherished by the Danes.

It's a small minority of muslims in Denmark who are in favour of sharia. The Danish Court administration has said in very unequivocal terms that it would never allow any judge to make verdicts on the basis of any other legislation than the Danish penal code. Such a judge would be dismissed immediately.

Why don't Danes support Jørgen Poulsen instead of turning away from him?


Friday, May 16, 2008

DF crosses a Line

The Danish People's Party (DF) has crossed a line for what ought to be permissible; but not in Denmark! It is still part of the parliamentary majority of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, head of the liberal-conservative government in Denmark.

The Danish court administration has made a rule about head scarves in Danish courts. They should be allowed, even though there's not a single muslim judge. - At this moment, but they may come. Therefor the government is overruling the court administration's judgment by passing a law - with the support of the DF - prohibiting head scarves in Court.

What is so devilish in the DF advertising campaign is the fact that the court administration did not allow burqas.

Here we see a woman in a burqa and with a judge's gavel. Passing sentence on whom? The ordinary Dane perhaps? The man in the street?

"The Court therefore finds". Below the picture is the headline Submission (underkastelse). Who is going to submit? - submitted to whom? It's a devilish message! It makes you think of the 1930s.
Under the DF logo at the bottom: Give Denmark back to us. The muslim is supposedly stealing the country, or has stolen it.

A few days ago the top DF politician and chairman of the financial Committee in the Danish parliament Mr Thulesen Dahl admitted that the party is "anti-muslim". The following afternoon he retracted the word. The party is supposedly "anti-islamic".