Friday, February 15, 2008

Danish Torchbearers' Hypocrisy

The Danes have fought a new battle for freedom of expression. 13 Danish newspapers have - in herculean bravery, or so they seem to think - reprinted the cartoon showing Mohammed with dynamite in his turban. Why have they done that? "In these days we're all Jyllandsposten", they say. All equally foolish and limited in outlook.
Do they really think they can entertain their readers with these amateurish lines on a sheet of paper?
The whole Danish society is now dancing to the tune of Pia Kjaersgaard.
It does so to the extent that they violate the principles of a society based on the rule of law that it otherwise cherishes. Two young Tunesians charged with plotting to kill Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist, do not get normal legal rights when they're expelled from the country. They have their families in Denmark. They have lived in the country for years. They must leave it by administrative order.

Freedom of expression does not seem to apply to muslims. Two days ago a young man of 17 was arrested in the Danish town of Kalundborg for expressing the view that the events might lead to more protests in the streets. There was no freedom of expression for him.



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