Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gender Separation in Danish old age homes?

The Danish People's party, the extreme right xenophobic party, has found a new worthy case for its hate speech against muslims in Denmark.

On its website it claims that The Municipal Council in Copenhagen is working to make old age nursery homes where men and women are separated. This has turned out to be a big lie. The issue was discussed a couple of years ago, but no initiatives were taken. Now the Danish Peoples Party member of the council Finn Rudaitzky claims that the council is working to promote this issue again.
There seems to be no shame in the DPP when it propagates "Danish culture" and "Danish values". It is even more shameful that the website brings the picture above to validate the story. It is not a picture of Danish muslim women, but of muslim women in Germany. The photo can be found on many German websites.
The national chauvinistic Danish fundamentalists are fabricating stories to propagate its hate speech against minorities in Denmark.

Some weeks ago the DPP member of the Danish parliament Jesper Langballe said on TV that "muslim men rape and kill their daughters and nieces". This was meant as a general characterization and not as a statement about some men. The DPP leader Pia Kjaersgaard expressed mild disagreement about this statement. She did not distance herself from it or exclude Langballe from the party for racist statements.

The DPP is part of the parliamentary basis of the Danish government. It is practically part of the governing coalition of Denmark. It is a sorry state of affairs that the country's government is dependent on racists to get a majority behind its legislation. Some years ago the finance minister in the government, who is from the liberal party Venstre, said in a newspaper interview that he shared DPP's values in the area of identity politics. - Even though these values are against the European charter of human rigthts and the EU charter. It's important to keep government positions apparently.



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