Thursday, April 01, 2010

Denmark humiliates Clinton

Is Danish foreign policy invented and developed at Landsbyens Gadekær, Danes ask themselves after the foreign secretary, Lene Espersen, cancelled her participation in the informal Arctic Council meeting. She preferred to holiday in Mallorca with her family.

That is something of a snub to the prominent participant in the meeting, Hilary Clinton. Why does the United States want to be represented at such a high level at this meeting with Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Canada? - Evidently because the meeting is important. The Arctic Council is important. So you're represented at a high level. But that is not a Danish concern.
Landsbyens Gadekær is the pond in the middle of Danish villages, where the villagers used to meet in the olden days. The days when democracy was alive and vibrant. Those days are long gone. Now policy is made by arrogant ministers at a distance from the people. They do not even have to make policy when family is calling.
Mallorca is an ancient Danish tourist resort. You could say the Vikings have come back to claim their right to places faraway from Denmark. Here they can drink sangria and enjoy life in the sun. The sun isn't shining much in Denmark, only on posters from Lene Espersen's political pals in the Danish People's party. Do present day Vikings know how to defend their turf? That seems to be doubtful. Too much sangria and lying in the sun makes them lazy.
The meeting was only for the coastal states. Hilary Clinton has criticised that inuit peoples and other Scandinavian countries were not invited. That makes the Danish foreign secretary's snub even more appalling. Denmark was invited, but sent the less important minister for Justice. The Americans have got an opportunity to feel superior in the eyes of arctic peoples. They have already a very big foot in the door in Greenland (Thule base, investments). And the Danes foot the bill, nearly a billion $ a year in block grants to Greenland. Footing the bill, but giving up on furthering interests in this important region. Luckily it's April 1st. !!


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