Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Turning Iraq into a Wasteland - and then beating retreat

How shameful can you get? The governments of Britain and Denmark plan to make significant reductions in troop deployment in Iraq, Denmark reducing forces to practically nil by this summer. This is a virtual defeat! Where is the argument that you're an errand boy for the terrorists if you pull out or reduce troop deployments? Does this mean that these governments now are errand boys for Osama bin Laden and his kind?
Do we hear any regret, or apologies, from the leaders of the WMD Deception Coalition that they have turned Iraq into a wasteland where nobody can live any longer? 2 million people have fled the country. Iraqis are getting ill because their only source of drinking water is the heavily polluted Euphrates og Tigris rivers.

Denmark shows its wonderfully humanitarian attitude by refusing to take a single one of the millions of displaced people in this country that has been reduced to a bloody battlefield by Anders Fogh Rasmussen's, Tony Blair's and George Bush' imperialist war! A war that was started with lies and manipulation of intelligence information. "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction - that is not just something we presume, it is something we know" (Anders Fogh Rasmussen to the Danish parliament on March 21st 2003).
What we do know is that these so-called state leaders had weapons of mass deception!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stalinist Attack on Democratic Politics

Lars Lokke Rasmussen is the 2nd most powerful man in Denmark (number three from left, with Kalashnikov), second in command to the prime minister Fogh Rasmussen. As minister of the Interior he is responsible for carrying out one of the biggest reforms of the administrative structure in Denmark ever, the abolition of the county councils and a reduction of the number of municipal areas. Instead of the counties the parliament set up 5 regions responsible for public health. They have no power to impose taxes, though. They're only expected to do the dirty work of saving on the public purse for health.
The great man is now threatening this grand structure that was built up with so much toil. It displeases him that the regions have not invested in enough cancer radiation equipment: "If it doesn't work, the next logical step is a state run health service", he tells the stunned Danish press. In Lars Lokke's opinion the regions should have purchased 10 more radiation machines than have actually been bought. This is exactly like the way the central planning authority in the Soviet Union, worked. Straight orders were sent down, and regional units had to carry them out. The only difference: In the Soviet Union orders were given to bureaucrats. Lars Lokke is shameful enough to pass such orders on to democratically elected politicians!

Lars Lokke seems to forget that the reason for setting up these region councils in the first place was to create scapegoats to blame when the waiting lists are not cleared. If state health is instituted the national politicians will get into the firing line of blame for continued waiting lists to hospital treatment. Therefore we all know he's only bluffing. But this kind of advanced fun is not "funny" to the victims of the big laugh!

The regions have barely been in operation for 1 1/2 months, and now they may have to go, Lars Lokke declares. This is equal to some of Stalin's worst scams!

The region councils have democratically elected politicians, voted into office by the population in the regions! Will the region politicians get time to clear their desks before being removed from office?
And this is said by a man who is officially in favour of decentralising power from the state. According to the official ideas of the Liberal Party Venstre where Lars Lokke is the leader of the pack, devolution is necessary to make people responsible and motivated to take part in the running of society. What happened to this grand idea? You wonder, if power has gone to his head so much he knocked his wisecrack bone!

Or perhaps he was harmed when he took part in another practical joke, that is when he worked with the Mujahedin (Osama?) in Afghanistan in the 1980's, fighting to rid the world of evil communism. Now he is fighting democratically elected politicians in Denmark.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lousy Pay to Danish Neo-colonialism's little Helpers

(A Representative of the Herrenvolk is inspecting the Royal troops!)

The Danish public broadcaster DRTV reported tonight on its evening news that assistant workers at the CampDanevang, the Danish military camp in the Basra region in Iraq, where the Danes are waging their neocolonial battle for uninterrupted oil supply, are paid lousy wages. A Nepalese worker working 12 hours a day 7 days a week made some 300 $ a month or something like 5 kroners an hour. A Dane would make 20 - 30 times that amount. A Phillipine worker washing dishes in the kitchens reported similar pay.

This is really too shameful! Denmark claims to be fighting in Iraq to help the Americans in their heroic struggle for freedom, human rights and democracy, and this is how the Danish Herrenvolk treats its servants! May the Christian God help the Danes to interpret the struggle for human rights in a more humane way in the future!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Danish Muslims demonised by right wing Politician

Why u treating me so wrong
when all I try to be is so strong

The Danish public broadcaster DRTV has really been cowed by the right wing Danish People's Party. Tonight it ran an interview with right wing parliamentarian Martin Henriksen from the xenophobic people's party. He has been ired by Danish muslims in the Islamic faith community, the leading muslim organisation in Denmark, speaking up against its own people and criticising them for not integrating fully in the Danish society.

The occasion is the historic court verdict against the "Glostrup terror gang", 4 young muslims accused of terror in the first case in which the Danish terror legislation is being used. They are accused of plotting a terrorist attack. All 4 of them were guilty in terrorist plotting, according to the jury, but the judges acquitted three of them, whereas the fourth, a teenager of only 17 was sentenced to 7 years of prison. After the verdict was publicised an imam of the Islamic faith community admonished his fellow muslims in the Friday afternoon prayer that they accept Danish values and integrate into Danish society, or else they should leave the country.
This is exactly what the Danish People's Party (DPP) has wanted the muslims to do for years. And now that they do it, it is wrong. The diligent DPP parliamentarian has made research on the Islamic Community's website and found a couple of lines of excerpts from textbooks they use in the education in their schools showing that they have not completely adopted the Danish value system. This is really too vile!! It proves once again that no matter what Danish muslims do to integrate, it'll never be considered satisfactory by the DPP and their lot of xenophobes. They're afraid of losing the political issue that makes Danish voters - or those among them foolish and populist enough to support such a party - vote for them.
It's amazing the public broadcaster will lend ears to this hypocritical hate-speech from the DPP. The public broadcaster now wants to prove that it is not as "leftist" as claimed by the national conservatives in the DPP. They're politically correct, acting in tandem with the wishes of the parliamentary majority.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Client state reinforces allied ties

The USA is having talks with Denmark on the establishment of a nuclear missile defence, American secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, revealed yesterday in the security conference in Munich. Gates praised Denmark for being a faithful ally, on the same standing as Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic.
What a great honour! Gates discarded all talk of "Old and new Europe" and instead talked "allies that could contribute more".
Gates has good reasons to be satisfied with his client state. The Americans need the Thule Base in Northern Greenland as a pillar for the missile defence. On August 7th 2004 The US and Denmark signed an agreement on "continued cooperation" in the running of the Thule base. After incidents in which the US accidentally dropped nuclear waste in the waters around the base, putting a big number of Danish Thule air base workers at a grave cancer risk, Denmark is giving away national and in grand postcolonial style Greenlandish sovereignty over this strategically situated area. One can understand the smug satisfaction of the Americans.
And in the process Denmark is contributing to the stepping up of the nuclear and space based arms race all over the world. Both the Russians and the Chinese have warned against the American escalation of space based defence. There's probably a generous pay-off for the Danes in this. Denmark has been promised lucrative defence contracts in the building of the new monster fighter joint strike fighter.
Alas! Where exactly are you heading, little client state in the high north, once an example of a policy of solidarity in the United Nations!!