Saturday, June 18, 2011

Denmark introduces Border Controls

The Danes are a powerful and rich people. If you have a lot of belongings you better take good care of them. Foreigners may come and steal your things.

On the other hand, Danes sometimes worry that they do not produce enough. GDP is too low, especially if you want to maintain a high living standard in your old age. The welfare, including pensions, risk running out. The Pension bomb is threatening the Danes. In order to avoid that, and to be prepared for the future, the government has passed austerity measures in the Danish parliament. It was, however, difficult to find a majority of votes without the Danish Peoples Party, the far right xenophobic party which is getting more and more popular. The party took a heavy toll for its votes to pass the welfare legislation, and that was the demand for border controls so the country can be protected from unwanted elements entering the country.

The passing of this legislation has been a big triumph for party leader Pia Kjaersgaard, who could celebrate the event with pink champagne and Danish flags. "It is a historic moment", she could announce. Development towards a more integrated Europe has been reversed. Now the Danes can again breathe freely in their own country.

The Germans and the European Commission are not so happy about the new legislation to introduce border controls. The deputy foreign minister of Germany wrote a comment about a "dangerous igniting of the flame of nationalism". This irked the stout lady, and she pulled the "nazi card". Seeing that she was being upstaged by a phanatical globalist she admonished that the Germans should know better, taking their historical experiences into consideration.

This has probably angered the Germans. And the foreign minister of Denmark has travelled to Berlin to do some damage control. As this is the diplomacy, it is hard to tell if she has been successful. Diplomats do not show feelings.



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