Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sweden is Drowning in Foreigners

DPP Election poster 2007: Sweden is drowning in Foreigners - they haven't got a Pia Kjærsgaard

Sweden is used as a scare-mongering symbol. The Danish People's Party is a very responsible parliamentary player in Danish politics, though. It forms a parliamentary majority with the liberal-conservative Fogh Rasmussen government. It is compensated handsomely for this support. The party, under the leadership of Pia Kjaersgaard, is working for the poor and elderly by giving ear-marked money in the annual budget negotiations.

Welfare, however, is something that is reserved to ethnic Danes, not to foreign "aliens". When it comes to foreigners the party is xenophobic - to say the least. It is also throwing verbal turds around to an extent that it's an embarrassment to Fogh Rasmussen and to Danish society in general. In the election campaign 2007 its member of the European Parliament Mogens Camre called one of the leaders of the new centre party New Alliance an "Arab carpet trader" with a "carpet-trader logic".

The Danish People's Party is reinforcing known stereotypes about the immigrant population in Denmark. Look at the picture in the election poster: Immigrants are religious devout muslims facing a traditional Arab gate. Some of the immigrants do live up to this description, and they have a right to do so. But investigations have shown that the typical muslim immigrant gets rather secular and a little materialistic, taking only superficial, "cultural" part of their religion along with them into the new society - a little bit like the other Danes. So what's the big deal? The Danish labour market needs labour. Some immigrants have come to the country, some fleeing from religious persecution, some looking for work. And they do most of the menial jobs - for a low pay. Work and work conditions most Danes would discard. Your country - your choice! - Your choice not to be like Sweden, a country with a booming economy and an industry that has not been outsourced completely to low-wage countries. Sweden, still being the genuine Scandinavian welfare state, with some solidarity to people with less means.



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