Sunday, January 28, 2007

Striking at the Axis of Evil - with new Kids on the Block

Denmark!! - you better reconsider the cosy relationship of Mr. Fogh to Mr. Bush! Because soon, it's going to sound a big Bang again!

Denmark's new friends in the EU, Bulgaria and Romania, are ready to let Uncle Sam strike at the axis of evil. The USA has been building up bases in the two countries, and in March the country will move some 3000 troops to the bases, ready to strike at Iranian nuclear installations. We like new kids on the block, - but some more than others. Here is what Scottish Herald On Sunday, who has the story, writes:

President Bush is preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities before the end of April and the US Air Force's new bases in Bulgaria and Romania would be used as back-up in the onslaught, according to an official report from Sofia.
"American forces could be using their two USAF bases in Bulgaria and one at Romania's Black Sea coast to launch an attack on Iran in April," the Bulgarian news agency Novinite said.
The American build-up along the Black Sea, coupled with the recent positioning of two US aircraft carrier battle groups off the Straits of Hormuz, appears to indicate president Bush has run out of patience with Tehran's nuclear misrepresentation and non-compliance with the UN Security Council's resolution. President Ahmeninejad of Iran has further ratcheted up tension in the region by putting on show his newly purchased state of the art Russian TOR-Ml anti-missile defence system.
Whether the Bulgarian news report is a tactical feint or a strategic event is hard to gauge at this stage. But, in conjunction with the beefing up of America's Italian bases and the acquisition of anti-missile defence bases in the Czech Republic and Poland, the Balkan developments seem to indicate a new phase in Bush's global war on terror

Wowee, pretty scary. Denmark is in league with "New Europe" in this endeavour to rid the world of the nuclear threat. It goes without saying that some people consider the US a threat of - perhaps the same magnitude? Anyway, why doesn't Denmark use its privileged contacts in Washington to ask Bush what he's up to? After all, Denmark is as close as close can be! But perhaps they've already done that?


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