Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Last Throw of the Dice?

Condoleeza Rice is touring the Middle East at the moment to try to get some support among Arab states for the new American initiative in Iraq. Why isn't she coming to Denmark and Britain? The answer is very simple: You know a pal when you got one! Danish right wing politicians already boast that in terms of population size Denmark is already one of the most dedicated participants in this colonial war. And the Danes have problems with recruitment.

But what about looking at the matter from the Danes' and the Brits' point of view? Why not use this as a chance to withdraw from the killing fields?

What is the geopolitical game the Americans are involved in? To start a war on false premises, lies and manipulation. And Denmark just went along without much debate about in the Danish parliament. On May 1st 2003 a triumphant George Bush in combat uniform announced "mission accomplished". What a big laugh.

Mission was not accomplished, and it'll not be accomplished with the new initiative, the purpose of which is to break the shia militancy in Iraq by concentrating on Sadr city and Moqtada al Sadr's militia. But these people are not so studid that they just sit in Baghdad and wait for the new troops to arrive. They'll have dissipated before the Americans have engaged them in combat, leaving just a lot of civilian casualties.

The Danes should get out, so they're not accomplices to the coming atrocities that'll perhaps make Falluja look like a picnic.


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