Tuesday, January 09, 2007

War Buddies are Planning the Next Bold Move

Hello from beyond the big blue ocean!

George called Anders tonight, and the two war buddies were talking for nearly half an hour, the Danish media were proud to announce.

George wants to send another 20.000 men and some women to become fodder for worms or desert spiders in the Iraqi Qagmire. Anders' situation is different. He is running for reelection, and being keenly aware of what Danish voters think of this post-colonial desert expedition he has perhaps not shown too much enthusiasm at the prospect of troop reinforcements! But a pal knows a pal, when he sees one!

Maybe that's the reason why the conversation lasted so long. Denmark is, in spite of everything, religious right, neocons, Disney and chewing gum, the most faithful and staunchest of allies. So Anders was somewhat ambiguous as to what stance his government should (or would?) take, confronted with these deja vu Vietnamese tidings. But don't give me any of that Westmoreland shit! That was a long time ago. And we live in a different world now.

The Danish People's Party (DPP), third party to the proud war-mongering coalition, are proud to have calculated that in terms of population size Denmark is one of the most willing contributors to the allied war effort in the shifting sands. Anders can be sure of support from this side. If you wear sun-glasses you won't get sand in your pretty eyes, Betty Sue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comic Fag duck is with no doubt one of the traitors who ideologically fought for the totalitarian communist police states during the cold war. Now suddenly Cosmic Stalinist Duck is outraged over a war which has brought democracy to Iraq. I wonder what Cosmic Fag Duck said when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan? My guess is not a damn thing!

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