Friday, October 06, 2006

New Mohammed Drawings in Danish People's Party

(Members of DPP Youth laughing and having fun at drawing of Mohammed as a camel urinating)

The right wing Danish People's Party is its own arbiter concerning what is an acceptable debate in the party, Danish Journal The Politiken writes. It has just expelled 9 members of the party due to these members' criticism of the lack of openness to discussion in the party.

On the other hand the leadership of the party finds it acceptable that the youth organisation of the party has made crude fun of the prophet Mohammed (link here to videos of drawing contest). This happened at a national reunion in the youth branch where the participants made a contest about who could make most fun of the prophet. Some of the young people dressed up in turbans and pistol belts, others made drawings of the prophet as a camel peeing and drinking beer, and as a drunk terrorist bombing Copenhagen.

One of the top leaders of the party, member of parliament and foreign affairs spokesman Soren Espersen sees no problem in this kind of mockery. To the paper he says: "I see no problems in mockery of the Prophet. This was done in a party mood, where we are free to make fun. I myself could make a contest about drawing Mohammed for my own anniversary. This is pertinent considering that we have been doing nothing else than discussing Mohammed drawings for a whole year. "

The same tolerance does, however, not apply to the party's own members when they want to criticise decisions by the leadership. Everybody is expected to stick to the party line in hardcore stalinistic style. Otherwise they'll be hit by the long vengeful arm of Pia Kjaersgaard.


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