Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stumbling over a cell phone - purely incidental?

One of the seven young men remanded in custody by Danish police in the Vollsmose terror case has been conducting cell phone talks from his supposedly isolated prison cell, The Fyens Stiftstidende writes today. According to the rules for remand in custody no contact to the outside world is permitted. Yet two of the 27 year old SH's brothers have spoken with him. This came out during a public meeting on Thursday night at a local Odense school. Here the two brothers told an audience that their brother found the cell phone when he was on exercise. He used the phone at once to get into contact with his family. The whole family have talked with him.

Together with the intelligence leaks (see previous posts) this incident has caused an uproar in Danish legal circles and the press. It has been suggested that the cell phone has been planted by the police.

If it has turned out to be difficult for the police to find sufficient hard evidence for convicting the terror suspects in court, they may have been tempted to use this stratagem to get more evidence. This was, however, denied by the police in the 9 0'clock radio news this morning.


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