Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mysterious Intelligence Leaks in Vollsmose terror case

Last Monday, September 11th, Danish tabloid paper the BT got hold of a secret report about explosives seized at Vollsmose, the council housing ghetto outside Odense where the alleged terror suspects lived. The secret report was found in the street outside the Civil Emergency Agency in Copenhagen. It was a report on analysis data of the alleged explosives found at the alleged terrorists' residences.

The other leak is a confidential report containing names, ID numbers, telephone numbers, etc of the presumed terrorists and the staff involved in the arrests of the presumed terrorists from Vollsmose. This report was found in a metro station in the vicinity of Copenhagen. The chief of Danish intelligence Lars Findsen explains it by carelessness. The intelligence officer who lost this report has been dismissed.

Legal experts find it doubtful that both incidents could be entirely accidental.


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