Thursday, October 12, 2006

Danish People's Party: "Mohammed's Possible Pedophile Inclinations satisfied by Aischa"

Illustration from the review in Danish People Magazine

In the Danish People's Party's magazine, which is published 6 times a year, there is a review of a book on Mohammed's life. The reviewer writes that "In Germany there is a disappointed publisher who can only dream of the global attention which Jyllandsposten got after the paper printed the 12 cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. Already in 2004 Dr. Armin Geus, manager of Basilisken-Presse in Marburg, published the controversial book "The Prophet's Harem" by Johann Georg Mausinger."

The reviewer continues writing that it's a book with a number of juicy illustrations of the "carnal sides of the prophet's life". And further:

"The book describes how Mohammed fully lived up to his own statement that in life on earth only three things interested him: Women, good scents and prayer. Mohammed was exceedingly prolific and active in the art of love making. He had several wives simultaneously, and in the Harem there was something appealing to any taste - possible pedophile inclinations were satisfied by the only 9 year-old wife Aischa".

In all its stupidity the review is characterised by a completely ahistorical view of Mohammed and the historical period he lived in. It was not uncommon for men to be married to young girls. That should not be interpreted as pedophilia, which is a contemporary sexual perversion. By using this term the party reviewer reveals that his intention is to pour scorn on Mohammed, not to try to deal with the religious and historical character in a detached, unbiased way.

The book review is printed in nr 2 2006 edition of the magazine, and the corresponding .pdf file has just today been uploaded to the party's website. According to spokespeople from the party this is pure coincidence. There has been some delay in publication, it is claimed. This is considered normal practice in the party.

There does not seem to be much doubt, however, that it is meant as a provocation, following in the wake of the recent scandal about the video from the cartoon competition in the Youth Party's summer camp. The right wing Danish People's Party wants to tell everybody that it doesn't take the sensitivities of Muslims seriously. The party finds it amusing to tease people's sensitivities. Perhaps it also wants to score some votes in the upcoming elections by being stalwart defenders of freedom of expression.

It is deeply ironical that freedom of expression does not apply to the party's own members. Recently 11 members have been expelled from the party for voicing criticism of the party leadership.


Blogger Sophia said...

I find this really funny:
''It is deeply ironical that freedom of expression does not apply to the party's own members. Recently 11 members have been expelled from the party for voicing criticism of the party leadership.''
It seems that our society tolerates logical fallacies and incoherences or does it notice them. Rational coherence or the ability to be coherent with oneself and own actions are the cornerstone of a secular morality. I think we live in amoral times.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Duck said...

Luckily the muslims did not take the bait. The air was let out of the balloon at the friday prayings in the mosques in the ME - and in Denmark, where the imams acted very responsibly - probably much to the disappointment and chagrin of the DPP. They're thriving in the climate of confrontation.

12:34 AM  

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