Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Come in and sit down, Pol. photo

Terrorists are not always as hospitable as the presumed Danish terrorist, who is by the way an ethnic Dane that has converted to islam. Last night when he was arrested the police went in without knocking, smashing the door to his appartment in Vollsmose, Odense. According to Danish newspaper the Politiken, the door to his flat is still open. So if you need some genuine Danish hospitality, come to Vollsmose and pay him a visit. According to Politiken his humble abode is very neat. You can only risk being contaminated by the intellectual climate.

Two of the presumed terrorists were to be kept in isolation for four weeks, the city court of Odense ruled. That means that the police presumably has a case. The public prosecutor will press for charges under the Danish terror legislation (article 114 in the penal code).

The Danish right wing politician Pia Kjaersgaard has called for further strengthening of terror legislation in Denmark. The media has been so kind as to lend ears to her criticism of the lax anti-terror work in Denmark.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click the link above to see photograph of suspected terrorist Abdallah Hakam Andersen so far referred to in the Danish Press as A.A.

One of the terrorist suspects is a Danish born convert to Islam; Abdallah Hakam Andersen, born from Danish parents in Odense Denmark as René Andersen.

He is a rather tragic tragic figure who soon after his conversion became a fanatic preacher of islam.

The tragedy comes in here:

"Abdallah Hakam" Andersen was looking very hard for a wife, and was very disappointed that no muslim parents wanted to give their daughter away to a Dane, even though he converted to islam...

It's funny how this shows that the racism of muslim immigrants i spite of islams claims of not being racist, does not limit itself to opposing marriage with "infidels", but also oppose intermarriage on racial grounds...

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