Saturday, September 09, 2006

Terror case makes Libyan-Danish blogger feel guilty

Libyan-Danish blogger Safia Aoude writes about the Danish terror case on her blog:

A number of Danish Muslims have been apprehended by Danish Intelligence under suspicion of alleged terrorist planning. According to reliable sources police has found incriminating material in their homes, such as metal scraps, nail polish and Islamic books.

Makes me feel sooooo guilty! Please make lotsa dou3a Danish Intelligence doesn´t know what I have been buying at my local Seven Eleven convenience store earlier today - just minutes before I proceeded to attend Islamic fiqh teaching at my local mosque.....maybe I could set the entire thing off by
burping nitrogene air right from my lungs after drinking it ?

The Danish intelligence police have been looking for fertilizer with nitrogen contents in allotment gardens near Vollsmose, the suburbian ghetto where the presumed terrorists live. Sacks with fertilizer have been seized and may be shown in court as evidence to prove that the young people were plotting a terrorist act. Seven young men are in custody at the moment.


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