Friday, February 24, 2006

Double Standards in official Danish Defence of Freedom of Speech

An Internet service provider has been forced by Danish police to shut down the website (", where the Danish political party The Unitary List (The Red-Green Alliance) has encouraged people to support an appeal for money for the PFLP (People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and the FARC (Forces for the Revolution of Colombia), two movements that have been placed on terror lists by the USA and the EU.

Line Barfod from the Unitary List calls it censorship by the police, when it closes the homepage.

This closure of the internet page reveals some double standards on the part of the Danish government when it defends freedom of speech in the cartoons case. The Unitary List want to defend people's right to express support for freedom fighters in 3rd world countries. There is a long tradition among Danish grassroots organisations for support of freedom movements. Much of this work is now being stopped because of the "war on terror".


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