Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Send the enemy within out!

Even though there is a ban on printing prophets we make an exception.

The Danish People's Party suggests sending the imams and other immigrants working against the interests of Denmark out of the country. Even if they are Danish citizens, the DPP wants all possible legal means to abolish their citizenship examined and eventually carried out.
Then we must ask: What about freedom of expression? Does that not apply to these "enemies within" (as Pia Kjaersgaard calls them in her weekly letter to the people), even when they go to ME countries and talk to people there?

There seem to be some rights for "established Danes" and the other "Danes", non-Danes, or whatever the appropriate term?

Prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen reacted with great caution to the suggestion at his press conference on February 21st. Will he let The Danish People's Party hijack government policy once again and once again let Denmark come at odds with Western humanitarian civilization. That remains to be seen. Thank God we have the European Union: Let's be early adopters of an extended cooperation in the legal field!

The Social Democrats also expressed some caution at the proposal. They did exclude expatriation of those with Danish citizenship, however.
After the humiliation of seeing flag and embassy burnings the silent majority want to see corpses on the table. Freedom of expression or no freedom of expression! And the politicians better react quickly! As usual the DPP knows how to interpret the sentiments in the deep well of the popular subconscious. - Speak out caveman, forget your sorrows, have a Carlsberg!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prime minister probably has a hunch that this would run counter to som Geneva convention or something to do with human rigts.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myself, I'm against the proposal but we should anyway see this in the perspective. Those Imams should be socially marginalized and perhaps that's already becoming the situation.

In Denmark, immigrants, including Muslims, can become citizens (as it should be!). In many Islamic countries, at least in the Gulf, they have expatriates who have lived there for perhaps decades without having the chance to become naturalized. To add: there are even countries which only grant citizenship to Muslims.

What a scandal and outrage would it be if any European country (well, except for Bosnia and Albania, that is) had a law stating that only Christians could become naturalized!

11:08 AM  

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