Monday, February 20, 2006

Arla has never boycotted Israel

Arla never boycotted Israel, Arla writes on its homepage today. The news on this boycott was printed in the Jyllandsposten. But it is not correct, according to Arla. The company writes: "Arla has en export of milk powder, cheese and butter to Israel at an annual value of 30 million $, and it is hence not correct, when several media writes that Arla boycotts Israel.

"We have never boycotted Israel, and nor have we consigned to do so any places. On the contrary, we have increasing trade with Israel, vice CEO Andreas Lundby says.

When Arla exports its goods to Saudi Arabia, Arla declares in a certificate of origin that Arla's products are Danish and are not produced in Israel, nor contains ingredients from Israel.


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