Monday, February 20, 2006

Little Fairy Tale Country - what happened?

A Peace Loving Nation with high technology warfare

You would have to look hard for a country with a better brand-name than Denmark. It’s not only the home of Hans Christian Andersen, the country seems to live in one of his fairy tales. The people are pretty and prosperous, the land is green and fertile, and the towns are colorful and squeaky clean. Denmark’s queen is much beloved by her people and hails from the oldest monarchy in Europe. Who could ever imagine that this
lovely little land would spark riots sweeping the Islamic world
(CBS News)?

This is the way Denmark is described in a CBS news programme "The State of Denmark". - So we can safely assume: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! Yes, in a way. According to the programme. Denmark is a smug little country that has been living without serious conflicts for many years. Therefore the cartoons crisis comes as a big surprise. And the Danes are extremely innocent about it. A Dane with big blue eyes and surprise is the man who is claimed to have started the whole thing, according to the American TV channel:

"Kare Bluitgen, a writer of children’s books. "Well, it’s sad to see what happens now," Buitgen says. "I wrote a book about the Prophet Muhammad to promote better understanding between cultures and religions here in Denmark." Bluitgen had trouble finding someone to illustrate his book."

Innocence personified!!

Anyone who knows the political climate in Denmark sees the crisis as a result of a more complex social and political situation that some people have known to take advantage of.

We have to hear the old rigmarole about folkloristic Denmark, the little Mermaid, the Queen and the Royal Guard, the blonde girls.

We don't much about Denmark the country at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, participants in the crusade against the infidels who do not have the right grasp of what democracy, freedom and tolerance stand for.


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