Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pardon Me!

This bird is all stuffing and no brain!

That's a fucking no-brainer!

I beg your pardon!

No, I beg yours!

Don't be silly. You know next to nothing about Texans.

Wait till I hit Chavez with this one!

I know what it might be like to be peppered by the Vice.

That's definitely a no-brainer!

A goose doesn't know the whereabouts of Vices following the vice of the downunder demon of stuffing your big fat stomachs with Thanksgiving dinners and lurching about on the sidewalk on a wintry evening with no prospect of finding nor invading the nearest liquour store.

Poetic wisdom. A Texan truck is a man's best friend. All the way down wise-cracking alley.

A man's best home. Such people should try being stuffed like a greasy duck in southern France. Thought they invented red-wine, blood and freedom. Better think twice of that one.

Aint got no turkey's delight on this red-neck table. Perhaps under it, licking but not liking the presidential sneakers. Hurray for freedom - the great American innovation of the 21st century.

And so be it and good day to all patriotic Americans.

The Danes found the way to the bottom of the North Sea where the one-eyed serpent eel is sleeping the long forgotten sleep of Dante's first experiment with the fires of hell.

Being good to animals beats it all!


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