Saturday, August 12, 2006

In contempt of international law

The Guardian writes today about the Israeli military offensive that took place after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to stop the Lebanon war:

Israel continued its military offensive in Lebanon today, killing at least 19 people, despite a United Nations resolution for a ceasefire, passed unanimously last night.
The deadliest attack was on homes in the village of Rachaf, in the south of the country, just four miles from the Israeli border, where at least 15 civilians were killed by air strikes, security officials said.

Israel is contemptuous of the UN. It's a disgrace that a nation acts in this way. And one wonders why? It is probably in complicity with the US. Otherwise Israel would not dare disregarding the international community. It may also be due to the fact that Israel has been humiliated by the surprising strength of Hezbollah and hence is yearning to prove that it is still a first rate military power in the Middle East.


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