Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mr. Bush - Tear down this Wall!

"Mr. Gorbatjov, tear down this wall!" Who said so 20 years ago? It may be disappearing into the annals of history, but it's important to remember president Ronald Reagan's words to the Soviet leader in Berlin 20 years ago. Gorbatjov followed the friendly advice and did not intervene when the Berliners started tearing it down 4 years later - and that was well done!

So why do people start erecting new walls? Like the wall in Palestine built by the Israelis and cutting Palestine West Bank in two - in countervention of international agreements - the Oslo peace talks?

Or the fence and wall between Mexico and the US? Last year 400 Mexicans lost their lives trying to get across to the promised land. To get their small share of the American dream they were promised after the signing of the NAFTA free trade agreement in 1994. What has happened since then?
Still more Americans die of obesity from eating too many big Macs, and too many Mexicans die of starvation or malnutrition, some of them from buying subquality tin can food in over priced Wal marts.

More than a million underpaid Mexican women work in maquiladora assembly plants just acroos the border from the US. In the name of the free trade credo the Americans believe in. They should be allowed to cross the border to try and get a job in God's own country. Why aren't they allowed to do that? The merchandise is allowed back and forth, but not the people. The Americans want to keep their affluence to themselves. Don't share it with Mexicans! They can become nannies and gardeners and do other menial tasks, but they shouldn't come in too big numbers. That would press wages down.

According to the credo of free trade and economic competition, NAFTA should have given some equalization of wages on both sides of the border. That was one of the reasons for the Mexicans to sign the treaty. Wages in Mexico have stagnated in the last decade. The minimum wage is only a little more than the price of a bigMac, a day, and millions of workers in the informal sector, which is very big in Mexico, do not even make that.

That's why the Americans have to build a wall - to keep people out. The Soviets built a wall to keep people in! The Americans wanted them out! If they get out in too big numbers that's a problem, - but the ultimate proof of a superior system!

"Mr. Bush, tear down this wall!" Follow the advice of your great presidential icon, Mr. Reagan - and tear it down!


Blogger Sophia said...

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Blogger Sophia said...

Cosmic, Excellent post !
Karl Popper, who wrote the 'Open society and its ennemies', never guessed that walls will multiply and societies will be even more closed and the ones who will be doing that are not the communists but the leaders of the 'free world'.
In your last post you pointed also to another internal contradiction in our 'freedom lovers', 'secular fighters' and 'democracy martyrs'. Keep up the good work !

7:42 AM  

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