Monday, May 22, 2006

Denmark sending reinforcements

At least 16 civilians and up to 60 Taleban fighters have been killed after US-led coalition forces launched a raid in southern Afghanistan, officials say.
Kandahar governor Asadullah Khalid told reporters that 15 civilians were wounded in the air strikes, which took place in Panjwayi district.
Other reports say 30 civilians were killed and 50 injured.

This is what BBC News reports today. The coalition forces must be hard pressed when they have to kill so many innocent civilians. They probably look forward to getting reinforced by 290 Danish soldiers in June/July this year. Is this the kind of operations they're going to take part in:

Reporters were prevented from reaching Azizi by Canadian and Afghan roadblocks. However, locals who fled to Kandahar said the coalition appeared to be targeting insurgents hiding inside a madrasa (Islamic school). "Helicopters bombed the madrasa and some of the Taliban ran from there into people's homes. Then those homes were bombed," Mr Ikhlaf, his clothes stained with blood, told Reuters news agency at a hospital in Kandahar.
Zurmina Bibi cradled a baby in her arms and wept as she described how 10 people were killed in her home, including three or four children. "There were dead people everywhere," she said

It is even difficult to get information about what is going on. Reporters are not allowed on the scene, which is perhaps understandable, when you consider what has been going on! - It is better to let the military control the flow of information!

What is this war about? To prop up the puppet regime in Kabul? Actually, it looks more like an imperialist war for Western interests. In the 19th century the British and the Russians fought for control of this region which lies strategically in Central Asia. After the Mohammed cartoons crisis it has turned into a clash of religions and cultures war.

In the eyes of the West, the Taleban are terrorists. In the eyes of the coalition, the Taleban are fanatics who have jumped right out of the medieval dark ages. In the eyes of big parts of the Afghan population the taleban are, however, gaining credibility. After the cartoons crisis they are seen as defenders of the prophet, against the infidels. That turns the NATO war operation into a Western crusaders' operation. Denmark and its allies are up against a lot of popular resistance. In the 1980's these poor people were attacted by communist atheists. Today they're attacked by materialistic infidels from the West.

NATO was not originally designed as an alliance waging wars of aggression far from the North Atlantic area. Denmark and other NATO allies were lured - or forced - into compliance with American interests in twisting the word and meaning of the treaty. By calling it a "war" on terror, the article 5 of the treaty could be used to get support for the American anti-terrorist operations after 9/11. This seems to imply war all over the globe. Denmark and other NATO allies should try to remember what the original goals of the NATO alliance were.


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