Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Should Asmaa be allowed to wear a veil in TV programme?

Louise Frevert, MP from Danish People's Party, has submitted a question in parliament to minister of Culture Brian Mikkelsen, whether Asmaa Abdol-Hamid is allowed to wear a veil in a discussion programme on Danish public service channel DR2. The young muslim woman has been nominated anchor in the discussion forum "Adam and Asmaa".

This has released a torrent of debate in Danish media: Should this be allowed in Danish public service TV? Even a feminist organisation has expressed angry dissent. They think it is repressive to women to wear a veil, and they think the management of the channel should forbid it.

Great progress for women's liberation!! One wonders why they did not protest when catholic girls wore the crucifix? Thousands of catholic girls around the country have been doing that for many years without an eyebrow being raised. Melchior, a well-known Danish rabbi has also appeared on Danish public service TV with his religious head gear on on several occasions without anybody blinking, or thinking the world was going under!! So, what is the fuss really about!!!???


Blogger Sophia said...

Women who wear the veil should not be condemned for this if it is their choice. Do we condemn nuns for choosing to serve God ? The veil problem is an identification probelm for most muslim women who choose to wear it freely. Confronted to the uncertainty of their identity in a western society, some muslim women chose to adopt the veil a a rallying sign around religious values. Values are not negative if they don't infringe the freedom of others. Wearing a veil could not hurt others unless these others consider that their values are the only one to be valid in a multicultural society, an attitude which might be called intolerance.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If people don´t like what they see there is usually a button on the Tv or the remote control which they can push.

Seriously, sister Asmaa isn´t that great a TV host and I have seen some of her programmes finding them dull. But the sister has the right to dress as she likes - forcing a girl to undress is a serious defence.

I fail to understand why only Danish women want to rip the veil from sister Asmaa´s body - there have been no Danish men complaining.

The women protesting against sister Asmaa are well trained puppies, acting out their man chauvinistic teachings as any good doggie. What a shame that women are so subdued in Denmark that they want to force other women to undress in order to please men!

Perhaps these Danish women feel jaleous because they themselves have to undress and use makeup in order to be respected. Now suddenly there appears a lower class, foreign looking, well educated, young girl, in peace with herself and her image, who is seen as a threat to these women. That is why they want to hurt her and have her removed from the screen.
Sister Asmaa is a picture of youth and decency which these women seem to have lost and which they yearn for but will never retain - unless they accept islam as their new value (and many do).

1:21 PM  

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