Sunday, April 09, 2006

Removing economic support for the PA

There seems to be a majority in the Danish government/parliament for taking economic support of the Palestinian Hamas away.
On Monday there's a meeting in the Council of foreign ministers in the European Union, and the EU is expected to make a decision along the same lines. Denmark has appropriated nearly 70 mio. euro until 2009 for the PA. This comes after the US made a similar decision. The line of command seems to be fairly obvious. One cannot help asking: Why doesn't the US put more pressure on Israel to give up its "targeted operations" in Palestinian areas?

Calling the Hamas terrorist seems to be done on the basis of its charter, where the organisation calls for the abolition of Israel. This is however cloaked in rather lofty religious metaphor. And it was not part of the organisation's election program. Actually Hamas has not performed terrorist acts the last 1 1/2 years. The terrorists have been Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, both of them Fatah organisations. Fatah has not been called "terrorist" by the West. Hamas, however, is on the US and EU terror lists. So it follows from logical deduction that they're terrorist, stupid!!

This move of freezing funds will not help to promote peace in the region. Hamas will get the money it needs, but from other sources.


Blogger Sophia said...

I think the EU with its wide muslim diaspora should act responsibly. By aligning Europen countries on its own oforeign middle east policy, the US is exporting the 'war on terror' to European countries. This will have a two side effect: worsening the security situation in Europe and worsening the integration of muslims in Europe. Europeans will find themselves loosers all the way.

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