Saturday, February 25, 2006

Designer Democracy?

Designing anglo-American-Danish Democracy.

The skepticism in the ME region during Condoleeza Rice's visit to the Middle East recently was reflected in the blunt questions posed to Rice by Arab journalists.

"In Saudi Arabia, a female journalist, dressed head to toe in a black abaya , demanded: "How is it possible to harmonize the U.S. position as a nation supporting freedom of expression and the right of people to practice democracy with your effort to curb the will of Hamas?"
Egyptian Television's Mervat Mohsen also rattled off a series of tough questions. "American calls for democracy have unwittingly brought unprecedented support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but you're not happy with the Muslim Brotherhood in power," he said. "Is this some kind of designer's democracy then, Dr. Rice?"" (Wash. Post February 25th)

Denmark is helping the United States in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iraq. Denmark is participating with soldiers in this war that was started on an illegal basis according to international law. Is it really worthwhile fighting for designer democracy that these peoples don't want?

They want to build up their own democracy - not take over one that was imposed on them from the outside.


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