Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cynical Rejection of Iraqui Asylum Seekers

The cynicism of the Danish government is boundless.
Now it has made a new deal with its parliamentary support party, the Danish People's party to send about 600 Iraqui asylum seekers home. They are offered some 5000$ each and some education, so they can be qualified to come home and "build up their country". What a joke.
The political agreement is published the same day the Danish military intelligence publishes a report on the situation in Iraq in which they call it a civil war.

Many of the 600 Iraquis have spent years in Denmark. Their children speak Danish fluently; many of them are Christians, which means the racist populists do not have to have any fear of islamists!
The Danish labor market is suffering from a severe shortage of labor at the moment. And these people are to be sent out of the country. What folly!!
- The only reason being that the Danish government is under the spell of Mrs. Pia Kjaersgaard, a populist conservative politician who wants to secure votes for her party by playing tough. And the liberal-conservative Danish government are playing to her tune!


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