Saturday, May 06, 2006

Smaller parliamentary majority behind Danish Iraq force

The Danish government has decided to prolong the Danish bataljon's stay in Iraq with one year, but it is with a smaller parliamentary majority than previously. The centre social liberals and the centre-left Social Democrats will no longer vote for the soldiers' continued presence in Iraq. They believe the force could serve better other places in the world.

It leaves the government of the liberalists and conservatives with the support of only the Danish People's party.

The soldiers' trade union regrets the decision of the two political parties. The soldiers feel more comfortable when there's a broad coalition in parliament behind their stay, and when this also reflects a popular backing. Opinion polls have shown that Danish participation in the "coalition of the willing" is increasingly unpopular. There is now a majority of voters against. So far Denmark has lost 3 soldiers in Iraq. Last Wednesday an IED that killed an Iraqi civilian exploded close to Danish troops. It is believed the Danes are increasingly being targeted by the insurgents.


Blogger Sophia said...

Actually when you think of a majority even the US does not have a clear mandate from its people to stay involved in Iraq. But who cares ? These people will tell you that it is better to fight terrorrism than to sanctuarize democracy. Not only they are not sanctuarizing democracy but they are destroying it !

8:20 AM  
Anonymous cosmic duck said...

In the case of Denmark,there's a tradition for a broad parliamentary basis behind the foreign policy, especially in matters of war and peace. It is only the left that has kept outside the broad majority, because the Left is sceptical of NATO membership. It is quite serious for the Fogh Rasmussen government that the social democrats and the social liberals no longer support Danish troops in Iraq.

11:03 AM  

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