Friday, May 05, 2006

Straw too soft on Iran

Look at what the Guardian writes today, after Tony Blair fired Jack Straw as foreign secretary:

The key to the demotion of Jack Straw from foreign secretary is Iran. Mr Straw for more than a year, in his favourite outlet the BBC Today programme or at various press conferences, said repeatedly a military strike on Iran was inconceivable.Politicians always try to avoid boxing themselves in, but Straw did on this issue: if a military strike had become a serious option, he would have been forced to resign.
He was reflecting the reality of British domestic politics. Against the background of the Iraq debacle, Mr Straw knew it would be difficult to win support for the military option in cabinet and that it would create even more upheaval among the membership of the already weakened Labour party.The problem for Mr Straw is that Tony Blair does not view Iran the same way. He regards the threat posed by Iran as the most serious in the world today, and is even more messianic on the issue than George Bush. That does not mean that a military strike will happen but Mr Blair, like Mr Bush, thinks it is a good idea to keep the option on the table, if only to keep Iran guessing.

So, Mr. Straw was up against some of the worst crusaders for Western interests that we have know for a long time. Blair is a moralistic crusader - or so it looks! What is he really crusading for? The high moral principles that made him want a meeting with the Pope some time after the illegitimate attack on Iraq? No way. Blair may appear stupid, but actually he is not. He has revealed his true character on a number of occasions, for instance - and particularly - when he has defended the interests of big business and big tycoons. They have helped to finance the Labour party through loans. In return they've got a seat in the House of Lords.

It is politics for the almighty business interests. And this is continuing. The US and Britain have a long tradition of interfering in Iranian politics. The CIA together with British intelligence ousted Mossadegh from power in Iran in 1953. Iran has some of the largest oil reserves in the Near East. It is of paramount importance to the West that these resources be controlled by Western interests. The alleged nuclear threat is an excuse for action. It's a bit surprising that Jack Straw should be the victim. But this is the game of politics. The master is the last to go.


Blogger Sophia said...

Blair should leave his post and now because he is eating what is left of the British labour.

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