Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Commission President in Defense of Denmark

"Hurra! One more embassy on fire!"

Finally it happens! Many Danes have waited for this world historical event. What does Commission chairman Manuel Barroso think of the maltreatment of Denmark in the muslim world? After all, Denmark is a full member of the European Union (EU), end the EU has a common foreign policy.
"Stick it out", Barroso tells the Danes. This is a truly revolutionary message, worthy of a true statesman. "Denmark is a country I respect very much. It is a tolerant and open country, which is in the front line in the areas of peace policies and development assistance. Therefore recent events are very unjustified. It is unjust to any country, but particularly to Denmark", Barroso said yesterday, after thinking for a long time and weighing his words very carefully.
These are words of a true polyglot statesman, the president of Europe. It probably worries this man of peace to see Danish embassies being burnt down; after all, Danish embassies are a kind of EU embassies.


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