Sunday, February 12, 2006

Not the prophet

The Danish paper Jyllandsposten publishes the 12 prophet drawings on September 30. In October 11 ambassadors from Muslim countries stationed in Copenhagen ask for at meeting with the Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He refuses to meet them. A delegation of representatives (imams) from Danish Muslim organisations make a tour of the Middle East where they inform Arab muslims about the drawings. They also show some drawings that have nothing to do with Jyllandsposten among them one of a Frenchman who is participating in a French pork feast.How could this happen. There is no doubt that the Danish imams have been very eager to drive home a certain point. The Frenchman may ask whether it's an honour to be mistaken for the prophet? He would never have anticipated that taking part in a pork feast would lead to world fame. But that is nevertheless the case. The imams may ask themselves whether they have helped integration between ethnic Danes and muslim immigrants to move forward in Denmark by spreading this kind of propaganda in Arab countries, or whether they have been guilty in sacrilege by claiming that this be an image of the prophet


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