Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rohde lied

According to the Danish papers Jyllandsposten and Politiken today, Jens Rohde lied about the 12 muslim men seeking out the daughter of a cartoonist in her school.

"I want it published how he has lied", the father of the daughter says. Neither the cartoonist, nor the chairman of the association of Danish Cartoonists Claus Seidel, recognize the information about "12 muslim men". The cartoonist tells Jyllandsposten that the persons were not men, but muslim school girls at 10-11 years of age. There were at most 6-8 girls. What made them seek out the cartoonist's daughter was not the Mohammed drawings but an old prolonged conflict between girls from two schools. It was common girl friends' conflicts caused by trivial disagreements, like talk about who had taken the other one's boyfriend. It is all free imagination on Rohde's part. The cartoonist finds it scary that such stories can mushroom. The cartoonist wants to be anonymous.


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