Saturday, March 18, 2006

Danish defense minister lauds Iraqi offensive

(When King of Spin Anders Fogh Rasmussen could still appear beside the greatest crusader symbol of all time, the favourite heating material for muslims around the world. Now there are not many flags left for the countless photo opportunities for Rasmussen)

The Danish defense minister Soren Gade (from Liberalist Party Venstre) sees the on-going American Iraqi air assault north of Baghdad in a positive light. Gade points out the importance of the Iraqis participating in the military operation. These soldiers cannot but keep improving in fighting capability.

To Danish paper Politiken he says: "It partly shows that they intend to solve a dangerous task, and even more important that they are capable of it (!!!). The ability level of the Iraqi security forces is increasing, when they can be used in such a dangerous and big operation. The negative thing is that it is being necessary to launch such an operation in the first place."

The Iraqi defense chief, a kurdish general, has just visited Denmark where he was received with a lot of pomp by his colleague Soren Gade. A guard of honour received him in Kastellet, a fortified and well-protected area in Copenhagen that is the seat of some important military installations, among them some of the offices of the intelligence of the National Defense.

The Danes do not know so much about the ethnic composition of the so-called "Iraqi" army. That it consists mostly of Kurds, eager to show their appreciation of the state of autonomy the Americans have bestowed on their northern province, is not known to them, at least not officially on the national TV channel DR1. So, it is no wonder that the man with the compressed lips, who calls himself a general, is a Kurd. If it were not for the pay the Kurds would also run away, but not to the same degree as recruits from other ethnic groups. Anyway, we better believe that they have an operative Iraqi army. So taxpayers in America and Denmark: Don't despair. Help is on its way!!

The general was also interviewed to national Danish TV (DR1). He was treated with all the respect and honour that is normally reserved for visiting statesmen, thus underlining the firm Danish commitment to stand behind the USA as the staunchest of allies!! In the interviews he warned against Danish withdrawal from Iraq. That would be running away from the terrorist threat and just bring this threat to European soil. This argumentation we've heard before. It reminds us of the Communist bogus under the Cold War.

The two large opposition parties, the Social Democrats and the Radicals (social liberal) are committing themselves to a withdrawal of the Danish forces on July 1st 2006. This will leave the government and its coalition partner the Danish People's Party with the increasingly unpopular option of being sole protagonists of further Danish military involvement in Iraq.

In spite of the official propaganda broadcasted on national TV channel DR1, the Danes are getting increasingly sceptical about further military participation with Danish troops. For a long time the Danish government under the King of Spin Fogh Rasmussen succeeded in "selling" the war to the Danes as a kind of DANIDA project. DANIDA is the Danish Development assistance Authority in the Ministre of Foreign Affairs. By being a kind of social workers in military disguise it was hoped that the Danes would not appear as a war mongering lot. This hope has - alas - expired after the cartoons crisis when the Arabs will take no more shit of this kind from the Danes. The PM's spin has been called, and the Danish foot soldiers are in a manner of speaking left naked in the desert.


Blogger Why Palestinians Usually Get It Wrong said...

Palestinians Humiliate Themselves

In a March 16 editorial in the New York Times titled, As If That Fire Needed Fuel, the Times writes:

"Israeli Army officials ordered inmates to strip to their underwear, which many did, marching out with clothing on their heads, an embarrassing and completely unnecessary provocation that trampled the dignity of any Palestinian watching that spectacle.

Given the humiliations that ordinary Palestinians suffer merely by trying to get through Israeli checkpoints every day, the prison raid just reinforced the already degrading reality of living under foreign occupation."
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated, “What happened without a doubt is an ugly crime which can not be forgiven and a humiliation for the Palestinian people.”

Palesinians should feel humiliated. A majority of Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem support suicide terrorism. A 2001 poll by Dr. Nabil Kukali and the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO), found, "a substantial majority [of Palestinians] (76.1%) support suicidal attacks like that of Netanya [in May, 2001], whereas 12.5% oppose, and 11.4% express no opinion." A 2006 poll taken by the Jerusalem Media & Communication Center after the recent Hamas political victories found, “56.2% [of Palestinians] strongly or somewhat support suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians whereas 40.7% oppose such operations.”

Considering that the majority of Palestinians support suicide terror, and considering that Israel prevents suicide killings on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that captured Palestinians are asked to remove their clothes during the process of incarceration. Why should any Israeli take a chance of being blown up? Why should Israel present Palestinians with opportunities to commit suicide killings? Palestinians should feel humiliated about their culture of death and they should be asked to strip naked during the process of incarceration as long as their population continues to support, condone, and commit suicide killings.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Duck said...

If they've been in a prison they probably couldn't have been wearing bomb belts, could they? To Arabs - with their culture - it's humiliating to be stripped down the way they were.

It was a very brutal way the Israelis handles the eviction of the prison. It is probably due to Olmert preparing for the election March 28th.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

According to a New York Times article published yesterday, it seems that the self-proclaimed “Sunni resistant” Ali Shalal Qaissi was not after all the famous man in the photograph that has become the symbol of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal: a hooded man standing on a cardboard box, shivering, with electrical wires attached to his outstretched arms…

Fans of the systematic use of torture on Ayyrab detainees and other Neocon kultists will probably jump at the chance to discredit the “mainstream media”, or even worse, pretend that there never really was such a thing as the Abu Ghraib scandal…even though we have thousands of proofs documenting the mass persecution that took place in US-administered Iraqi prisons including graphic pictures of naked Iraqi women and children surround by barking German shepherds- President Bush’s canine homage to Commander Göring.

As retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski rightly said:
“Perhaps Lenin is another George Bush model. Lenin expected that Imperialism would be Capitalism’s highest stage, and clearly George Bush believes it. Lenin’s actions in 1918 were two-fold. He established "War Communism" at home to seize property, infuse domestic loyalty, and strengthen the federal state, along with a "Third International" to "promote world revolution according to the Russian communist model…The pattern fits. If you consider the philosophies and writings of his neo-conservative advisors, it begins to look eerily familiar. Lenin would approve”.

Anyhoo, whoever he is, the unknown Iraqi soldier on the box remains a very powerful symbol of the cruel bestiality of the Neocon Neros of Washington and TeX-Aviv: the hood is a fitting metaphor for the blindness of KKK nostalgics and other Southern Evangelical revivalists such as former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Texan-In-Chief George W. Bush.

As for the wires attached to the detainee’s outstretched arms, they are the technological embodiment of a Western civilization gone awry, a once glorious culture caricatured and debased by those who now speak and act in its name: machine-men and scientific cynics who believe in “harnessing the power of new technologies” to torture, kill and maim in the name of “liberty”...

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Blogger Steven said...

I left you a note here

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