Sunday, March 26, 2006

Criticism of Danish anti-terror legislation - hypocrisy after cartoons case

(The PM sending out ignited powder on docile Danes. May they wake up from the slumber!)

There is mounting criticism by civil rights pundits of the anti-terror package that the government is presenting for the Danish parliament Folketinget. The package is also being criticised by parliamentarians from the governmental party. Birte Rønn Hornbech, who has a background in the judicial system, criticizes the package for going too far in eavesdropping on Danish citizens.

The prime minister's strong defence of freedom of speech in the drawings case is hypocritical when he puts forward these proposals that will lead to curtailments in the exertion of freedom of expression.

The new law is being rushed through parliament by the government and the party that secures its majority, The Danish People's Party.

The tele companies are not happy about the role allotted to them: "We go from being a business undertaking to being a company that has to act as a prolonged storage unit for the police. The tele businesses are certainly not interested in that", spokesmen of tele companies say to Danish paper Politiken. The tele giant TDC: "We are very worried why Denmark wants to go much further than other countries", Jens Hauge vice CEO of TDC says.

On some points the anti-terror legislation may violate the Danish constitution and the safeguards of individual civil rights written into it, some commentators say. It may be safeguards of privacy and the home. The package of legislation will be followed by increased funds to PET, the Danish secret intelligence service.

So, if Cosmic Duck is transgressing the bounds of communicative propriety in the new law, this is perhaps soon the last you hear from your most humble Duck.


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